Dead Orca Calf Found at Sylt beach, Germany

February 8, 2016

<p>Schwertwale sind in der Nordsee eigentlich weiter im Norden zu Hause.</p>

On Monday morning, has been located at the beach Rantumer a dead, around 2.5 meters long whale. In the animal with its distinctive drawing is most probably a young orca, and Silke Lieser, diploma biologist of the adventure center of nature in List. “It’s an orca,” confirmed Thomas seal hunters Diedrichsen. In recent weeks there have been several whale standings on the North Coast.  These were, however, two sperm whales. The animal will now be transported to the Institute of Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research in Busum. There obduzieren veterinarians the animal, “to raise the biological data and to assess the state of health” as Institute director Ursula Siebert explained on request of Sylter Rundschau. That is really is a killer whale in the animal, it would not confirm. so far, they’ve finally seen only photographs of the dead whale. “It would be a very rare find in Schleswig-Holstein waters,” said Siebert.

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