Loro Parque will also Stop Breeding Orca

When SeaWorld made their announcement to end orca breeding a few days ago, the question became did that announcement include Loro Parque as well. Loro Parque currently holds 6 orca owned by SeaWorld. SeaWorld even includes them in the list of orca on their website. Four orca were shipped there on breeding loan in 2006: Skyla, Kohana, Tekoa and Keto). Two calves were born at the park, Adan and Vicky (Vicky has since passed away). While the 6th orca Morgan was a “rescue” from Norway in 2010. The terms of Morgan’s move to Loro make it illegal for SeaWorld to move her to the United States.

A killer whale at Loro Parque in Tenerife

Source: telegraph


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