Marineland France vows to continue breeding

Marineland Antibes vows to continue breeding in light of SeaWorld’s announcement to end their breeding program.

Marineland Antibes had been working with SeaWorld to breed their sole breeding female, Wiki, with SeaWorld males using A.I. technology. Wiki’s first calf, Moana, was conceived by A.I. using sperm from Ulises, an adult male at SeaWorld California.

Marineland is still closed after storms flooded the park with mud several months ago. They lost Wiki’s half brother Valintin shortly after the storm October 12, 2015. That leaves Antibes with one female and three related males, her brother Inouk and two sons Moana and Keijo. To continue breeding their whales Antibes would have to either potentially inbreed their whales or work with other parks to swap genetic material for A.I.

Hopefully SeaWorld’s end on breeding will include a stop to sharing of genetic material with other parks. That leaves only one option for Marineland, to work with Kamogawa SeaWorld. There are still the Russian caught orca in China and Russia but it is doubtful they will be trained in A.I. any time soon. The whales in China aren’t even on display yet.

Source: British Divers Marine life Rescue


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