SeaWorld to hold public forum in park for passholders

April 15, 2016

SeaWorld’s Joel Manby, CEO of the company promised many more open forums where fans and passholders can interact with him directly. It’s part of the companies mission to become more transparent and more visible about the company, the animals and park operation. After his forum a few weeks ago, the CEO is holding yet another one, this time in parks. The forum will be held at SeaWorld Orlando, and passholders have the chance to go face to face with the CEO in a very intimate setting.

The first fan forum was a huge hit for SeaWorld, bringing in not only passholders, and fans, but activists as well. The forum answered many burning questions from all sides, and now it looks like Mr. Manby is ready to meet face to face with guests in the park.
The calling it a “Town Hall”, and it’s open only for passholders. Passholders are invited to sign up via the Passholder website. The Town Hall will take place on Saturday April 30th at 11a.m. in the Nautilus theater. You must be a pass member to attend, and you must sign up in advance.

If it’s anything like the last one, Mr. Manby will take guest questions, and offer answers, probably on just about anything. Last time, the focus was on the recent decisions within the. company.
To sign up, click here!



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