SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member Town Hall: A Review

The SeaWorld Orlando Town Hall took place this past weekend and definitely gave much-needed closure and answers to many SeaWorld fans. This event took place at Nautilus Theater (adjacent to the soo…

Source: SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member Town Hall: A Review

NOTE: Interesting to note that a “middle east” park is mentioned several times in this review of the May Q&A with SeaWorld’s president. I am a bit wary of SeaWorld’s commitment to the orcas. While their pledge to stop breeding any more whales is a big step in the right direction, I can’t see SeaWorld partnering with a new park and then not sending some of their orca there. They might not be breeding new calves, but family ties would be severed in almost any combination of whales SeaWorld choose to send the the new park. 

That being said however, any move for the whales currently held at Loro would be a plus. That pod had been a disaster from the start, no clear matriarch it’s no wonder there are so many social problems over there. Then again SeaWorld doesn’t currently have many matriarchs to spare, Kayla and Orkid being the only two that are of age and temperament for it. Though Orkid has never moved in her life and I can’t see them starting now at her current age of 27. Only time will tell, something to watch closely.


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