Tilikum Update 5.15.16

Sunday, May 15, 2016


It has been a couple months since we have been able to check on Tilikum, but he continues to fight the good fight.

 Today he was observed swimming in “E” pool, next to the medical pool.  The fact that he was moving was a welcome relief.  Even when he is not sick, he doesn’t always swim. Instead he spends lots of time logging at the surface.

There were times, particularly at the beginning of each show, when he would look through the gate.  It’s as if he is watching a TV show of his life.  Like Dory I cannot speak whale, but this makes me think that he wants to join in the action.  He has not done the splash segment of the show or been on public display in months.

I asked the infamous trainer Holly how he was doing, and she said he was having a good day today. She said he is not out of the woods yet, but he continues to have good days and bad days.

We will continue to monitor his progress.

Source: OceanAdvocateNews.com


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