Orcas bump boat off Burgeo

July 11, 2016

BURGEO, N.L. — Norm Strickland was out cod fishing on Saturday, when suddenly, the boat was surrounded by orcas who aggressively hit the sides of the fishing boat until he made it back towards land.

“The orcas kept coming from the stern and aggressively bumped the side of our boat amidship,” he said.

The faster they steamed the boat, the faster the animals came, and they kept bumping the boat.

This ordeal continued for maybe 30 minutes, when Strickland decided they would have to get near land before the whales capsized the boat.

“Orcas are not a common sight around Burgeo and my first sighting of them,” he said. “I strongly advise anyone that is out in their small boats be watchful and careful of the orca whales.”

Source: TheWesternStar.com


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