Orca sighted on German Bank by Southwest Nova Scotia fishermen

August 17, 2016

WEST PUBNICO, N.S. – Crew aboard the MV Angela O, fishing ground fish on the German Bank, had unusual company for several hours earlier this week.

Ronald Amirault shot a short video of the killer whale that showed up behind the boat, pushing on its cables.

He said crew was lucky enough to see another orca three summers ago.

“Same place, same boat,” he said.

The Angela O fishes out of Dennis Point, West Pubnico.

On July 9, Norm Strickland was heading for cod-fishing grounds off Burgeo, N.L., when orcas surrounded his 18-foot boat. As reported in The Gulf News, the orcas kept approaching from the stern and began bumping his boat. The ordeal continued for about 30 minutes until Strickland decided to get closer to land before the orcas capsized his boat.

“When we got near the land where the waves were crashing on the shores, the orcas headed back out to sea, travelling in a west direction,” he said.

Last September, Digby Courier reporter Jonathan Riley wrote about Craig Theriault of Petit Passage Whale Watch who spotted an orca affectionately known as Ol’ Tom. The whale was swimming with a pod of about 200 dolphins near the Northwest Ledge, about four miles off Brier Island.

Theriault notified Brier Island Whale Watch and Seabird Cruises and they immediately sent a boat out to see the orca.

“We were pretty excited – one of the passengers told me some of the thrill was watching the crew get excited. We were all jumping up and down,” said research coordinator Shelley Longeran.

See the Video HERE

Source: www.thevanguard.ca


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