10 curious killer whales ‘blow away’ tourists in this up-close encounter

October 16, 2017

Even after 15 years of guiding whale watching tours in San Diego, Russell Moore still is in awe when he comes across a pod of killer whales.

On Oct. 5, Moore was leading a tour for his business, Xplore Offshore, when a group of 10 curious orcas swam right up to his boat.

“We were all blown away,” Moore said in an interview with NBC San Diego. “You cannot help but be blown away. These animals are as long as my vessel.”

Moore said the group saw the whales in the open water about 5 miles from the shore of Mission Beach.

He also encouraged those who go whale watching to keep a distance from the animals. Let them approach you, Moore said, and be calm and quiet when whales decide to come in close.

“Ecotourism is the No. 1 threat to marine mammals these days,” Moore told NBC San Diego. “Think about that — whale lovers are threatening whales now.”

To read the Source and view a short video of the encounter visit San Luis Obispo.com

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