Diver captures orca knocking out helpless stingray on film

June 19, 2018

A lucky diver off the coast of Mexico has captured the rare moment an orca slapped a stingray. 

Underwater photographer Jorde Hauser was diving in the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California when he filmed an orca aggressively swinging its tail and knocking out a stingray, Caters Media reported. 

The orca then spent the next hour playing with the stingray by swimming circles around it.

“I had a feeling something interesting could happen, as the orcas had been playing with the ray for a while, coming and going,” Mr Hauser said.

“I’m typically a photographer, but I luckily decided to switch to video and get close to the ray.”

“At first, the orcas were paying little attention to us – they would briefly come to check us out and then leave, but when they saw the ray, the game changed.”

He said it felt like the orcas were trying to show off to him and his fellow divers.

“After the first smack, the poor stingray was left disorientated and without any strength to swim away – it was really sad but he appeared to just float there waiting for another tail slap.”

The veteran diver of 18 years said this interaction and behaviour was without a doubt the most incredible underwater experience of his life. 

To watch VIDEO visit the Source News Hub.co.nz

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