Killer whale sighting in Albany

October 3, 2017

A pod of killer whales have been sighted at Nanarup near Albany.

The pod was sighted on Monday afternoon with three to four orcas spotted 30m offshore Nanarup Beach hunting fish.

Project Orca’s Bec Wellard said the sighting was quite unusual and exciting.

“It’s quite exciting that they were spotted so close to shore, usually sightings of orcas are about 50km offshore,” she said.

The last orca sighting near Albany was recorded on February 28.

Project ORCA are currently seeking any further sighting information and high quality images of these animals.

Albany Whale Tours owner Forrest Woodbury said although they haven’t seen any killer whales, there has been whale sightings on their last days of tours.

“We had a few days of no sightings and thought maybe the season was over but went out yesterday and saw some southern rights,” she said.

“It has been our most difficult season with the weather being a main factor, there are more whales than people.”

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